Workplace Wellness

We believe everybody should be well in the workplace - we know work life balance can be difficult to achieve, so we use the term work life blend, because we know it has to fit in around what you do to make a living.


We offer a tailored approach with our wellness experts who range from Functional Medicine Doctors to Yoga Teachers.  Through our experience we offer a series of ready-made solutions.  We can work with a range of businesses whether you have a team of 5 or 5,000.   See below for some of our solutions.

The Mindful Manager Series

How to adjust to the current climate with your team and stay motivated through the new normal.

A series of five sessions covering Mind Reboot, Motivation, Meditation, Healthy Eating and Connecting Well.

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Feel Good Friday Team Series

One hour wellness sessions on zoom with qualified experts in all areas of health and wellbeing. 

A series of five sessions covering Motivation, Stress, Sleeps, Habits and Mind Reboot.


WLT Academy 

Our Academy Programmes are packages combining both one-to-one sessions with online learning courses.

We kick off with one-to-one sessions to determine relevant areas of focus.  We use a system of units to allow you to purchase our wellness experts for one-to-one coaching or group session depending on you and your team's areas of focus.

This is then supplemented with learning modules and exercises, and is followed up with a one-to-one review session.

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Well+Life+Tribe Lunch + Learn

Lunch + Learn Sessions

Our Lunch and Learn Sessions are shorter workshops which are perfect for larger groups of people.

The shorter duration allows employees to fit these sessions into their busy schedules.

Remaining informative, impactful and engaging, you will learn how to live a healthier, more positive life - over lunchtime! 


These sessions can be delivered over zoom also.


Wellbeing Workshops

Our Wellbeing Workshops are based on a full day or half a day, and we have the expertise to cover many areas.

From stress and sleep, to diet, movement and much more - we have experts for any topic related to wellness.

Interactive and engaging, our workshops are great for groups - colleagues or friends - to understand how they can live a healthier, more positive life.


One-to-One Coaching

We offer One-to-One Health and Wellness Coaching, where the focus is totally on the individual.

We are able to vary our offering, with the schedule and duration being agreed with you at a prior consultation.

With the knowledge and experience we have in our Tribe, we are able to offer wide-ranging health and wellness coaching, to suit your every need.

Also available over zoom.