WLT Member and TRE Provider Courtney Baxter shares how Trauma Release Exercises can help us

By Courtney Baxter @ Tre-Surrey

TRE Provider

Soldiering on as if nothing is wrong can lead to burnout, fatigue and, if not treated, a breakdown...

We have all been through so much recently - the confusion and the trauma that Covid brought us. The isolation. The fear. The uncertainty. The feeling of being trapped with no room to move or travel. New rules and regulations. Changing of goal posts.

And now, we are supposed to find a way to muddle through and move forward with our lives. But that's easier said than done. One of the common things I see most with clients is that we are all suffering but trying to hold it all together, keeping our chin up and soldiering on. We are brave for our kids where we can. But at other times we feel completely hopeless, useless, overwhelmed and like we are failing. We are snappy, irritable, impatient, short, and there is a constant knot in our stomachs and chests as we go about our day.

What is happening is that our Nervous system has been over activated and it's been so activated that we are in constant fight/flight mode. It's completely understandable given what we have been through, but by sticking our heads in the sand and ignoring these signs of stress is doing ourselves, our children and society as a whole a huge disservice.

We need to release this stress, tension, and deep layers of contraction so that we feel lighter and brighter. We will have more capacity to help and love ourselves, our children, friends and family.

How can this all be done with such ease I hear you ask? Well just as your body is designed to digest the food you place in your mouth, it's also able to release your stress and tension. However, because we have been socially conditioned to behave in a certain way, we have not been able to complete the emotional cycle of how we feel.

For example, when you're feeling angry you want to scream and shout and let it all out, however, if we do this we will be frowned upon or there might be serious consequences. So, we hold it in, bite our lip and refrain from expressing our feelings. This suppression leads to an increase of energy within our bodies. We start to feel hot and fidgety, and we try to distract ourselves with other things - such as work, TV, social media, exercise, food, drink etc. By distracting ourselves we continue to avoid the completion of the emotional process and our nervous system remains heightened. We develop symptoms such as anxiety, depression, irritability, headaches, pain, upset stomachs, IBS, exhaustion, fatigue, self-esteem issues, moodiness, poor appetite, insomnia, withdrawal and so much more.

By learning the TRE process, you are able to release the pent-up stress, tension and constricted patterns that are sitting in the body. The vibrations enable the body to complete the emotional cycle that was originally suppressed and halted. The beauty of this is that we don’t need to know what it is that we are letting go of! We don’t need to talk about it either, that can be re-triggering to some, we just need to give our bodies the space and time that it needs to release all this excess stress.

Courtney Baxter demonstrating TRE

By giving the body time to release these tension patterns, the body feels calmer and safer. It then sends signals to the brain that the event that caused the emotional tension is over. The brain then stops dumping adrenaline and cortisol into the body, thereby decreasing levels of anxiety. You will start to feel calmer and more relaxed. There are many sceptics that may read this and wonder how this is even possible? But I tell you first hand that it works. It was the only thing that helped my kids and I heal from our hi-jacking. And yes, I know most of you have not experienced a hi-jacking (thankfully), but many of us live busy lives that are demanding to the point that our nervous system is constantly in that heightened fight or flight zone. This state is unhealthy and unsustainable. If we stay in this state for too long, it will lead to burn out, fatigue and a mental breakdown.

So, I urge you to take stock of where you are at today, how your body feels and what emotions you are feeling.

TRE is an amazing tool and, once learnt, your body can access it after any stressful event or day. But even better is to get into the habit of doing TRE in a class once or twice a week.

You can book Courtney for an individual session or if you prefer group sessions, Courtney also offers a 5-week course. Online classes are available for children as well.

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