Why we want to help women be less stressed in 2020

One of our main aims is to encourage women to take better care of themselves. You are very precious, and sometimes we notice you forget to list yourself in order of importance.

As a woman you contribute much of yourself, because a lot of the time you care so deeply for those around you. Ultimately this can move you out of balance, and if you keep doing it without giving yourself any self-care you might find yourself in a spot of bother health wise!

We want to help you manage yourself, so you are not compromising your own health at your expense.

We live in a time where women are in a rush to do everything, be all things to all people. I know this, I am a woman! But I made a conscious decision to make changes to improve my mental and physical health. We know it works and we want the same for you.

Many of you are too tired, and very close to burning out. Always thinking that you do not have enough time and that to-do list is growing daily and never ending.

We want to help you because we do not want you to compromise your health.

Here is a gift of WLT coaching to help you get started in 2020

1. Planning is a way for you to really be organised and help yourself. This can be for what you are eating, especially if you are a hungry shopper who grabs all the wrong items to have for dinner.

2. Community is fantastic, but you don't have to do everything all of the time. If you really don’t want to do something then don't do it, it is time to please yourself, not others. Most of the worries are in your own head, and when we really think about it, we would not expect others to do everything all of the time.

3. Treat yourself the same as you would someone you love. Why? Because you are fantastic being and you are made up of trillions of cells, and you are lucky enough to have an opportunity of being here, living a great life with lots of potential. Doing things for others is good, but respect your own life and most of all make time to enjoy it.

4. Look after your health, book in a check-up. If you are due a smear test, book it in. If you need a full medical, then book it. Always be one step ahead of yourself whenever it concerns health and wellbeing.

5. Eat right, we often think about how thin we want to be, or that we are feeling fat. We can get totally obsessed, especially when it comes to how we you look.

How we look on the outside, represents how we are on the inside sometimes.

By this I mean, if you eat well, and pack in good fats, nutritional foods, drink water then these are things that help to improve our mood, skin, hair, and will help remove any bloating etc.

6. Make small, realistic goals, for example eating less meat, you might decide to participate in 'Meat Free Monday', this is a small achievable goal.

7. We all know how important it is to exercise, but sometimes when our to-do list is ongoing, and everyone else needs us we pop this anti-ageing/self-care act to the bottom.

For general maintenance of our bodies, it is vital for you that you move, so find an exercise that you like pronto.

Our bodies start to decline with age, and our muscles deplete, but we can maintain them by doing something daily for twenty minutes. Keeping the body healthy helps us if we come across any illnesses and it also anti-ages us inside and out.

8. Learn to diarise the to-do list, this way you might actually get it done. The list will always be around if you continue to add job after job. If we make a diary entry in the five day week, it becomes easier to check it off.

9. Put self-care in the diary, it is a way to remind yourself that you need ME time. Book in a nice bath, a face mask, do something that makes you feel pampered. If you want to pay for a treat book in a reflexology session or a massage, maybe even a yoga session.

10. Take the pressure off yourself by realising that you do not need to be doing something all the time, rest is very 2020. Start the practice of being in the company of yourself when you have the opportunity. It is a way to rejuvenate yourself, try and meditate as this helps you concentrate on breathing, it brings you into focus, and that gives the mind a rest. Make sure you try this for at least ten minutes every day.

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