What type of answer are you looking for?

By Barbara Mastropirro

Well+Life+Tribe Panel Member and Kinesiologist, Geomancer, Dowser and Nutritional Homeobotanical Therapist

Barbara's dream is for humanity to be free of pain, poverty, and inequality. Here she tells us about how she combines her skills to help people heal.

Perhaps you have unanswered questions about your physical health, perhaps you have backache, digestive issues, anxiety or sleeping issues to give just a few examples. Maybe you have experienced sadness or grief in your life that has shaped you or changed the way you see the world around you. Do you feel stuck, like there is more of you to offer the world but you don’t know where to start?

Perhaps you just can’t make sense of the things that are happening around you. I’m here to tell you that all the answers lie within you. Though they might not always be what you would expect and at times they come “wrapped up in different type of wrapping paper” (citing my own mentor), they are there. I promise.

Humans are complex beings; we often surround ourselves with layer upon layer to protect ourselves. These layers need to be peeled off one at a time, each with care, love, and compassion.

We are multi-dimensional beings and not all answers to a question will be found in the same way for each of us. In many cases an answer might not be my client’s expectation. Whilst this initially might cause confusion, by continuing to search for the answers together we can reach greater levels of understanding than ever before. Expectations are dictated by fears, by how we see and understand the world. It is controlled by our own experiences, what we have learned in schools, places of work, from our parents and maybe even from our religion.

Healing for each of us will take a different course. It is a fluid concept that changes over time to meet our current needs and wants. As humans we are constantly evolving and how we heal is an evolving process too. The more difficult and traumatic an experience is the longer the healing process is going to take. One thing that is certain about it though is that it is possible to heal if we are willing to take that first step.

I have walked some of the darkest of tunnels during my life. Some of my past traumas took me decades to even recognise let alone begin to heal. But it is this very personal experience that makes my approach to healing real, simple, and achievable. My knowledge of the darker side has allowed me to reach a deeper understanding of the pain a person might experience.

I use a combination approach to healing with my clients. Combining kinesiology, muscle testing, dowsing and intuitive guidance to help my clients to find a sense of balance and happiness. The session can be run in person or remotely. As an aside to this I have also launched spiritual group sessions to make healing available to as many people as I can. This is my calling. If you would like to find out more about my work or any of my sessions you can find more information here.

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