What have you learnt in 2019

Can you believe that this year is almost over, for most of you it has been a year of many changes, and life lessons.

Looking behind is a time for reflection, but we don't want to stay there. Moving forward and continuing to grow is how we learn in life. If we choose not to learn the lesson we become stuck and we find it difficult to let go.

What has the year taught Well+Life+Tribe?

1. The most important relationship you have is with yourself. The relationship you have with yourself is the one that dictates how you behave with other people. Taking time for yourself is a great way to have healthy connections with everyone and everything in your life. Put yourself on high priority it will help you and others.

2. Meditating, keeping a journal, and having gratitude, this is part of your happiness kit.

You can use all these things to bring yourself into a calm, and consciously happy place. These small tools, all bring you moments of joy, let you release stress, and the things that just do not matter. Sometimes when we leave shallow thoughts in our mind, we manifest them and they become much bigger. By having a happy toolbox we are ready to eliminate stressful thoughts.

3. Digital breaks, are big for 2020, this is the year we take back our power. We are no longer a human slave to the digital matrix. As much as it feels like good company, it can be very toxic if we look at it all of the time.

Switch it off, our rule is 7pm everyday, we want to be present with our family, we want to have real human connections. Make it a priority to be interested in real life people! We recently attended a family party and not one person was allowed to be on a phone, everyone chatted together it was refreshing.

No phones during social engagements, it is rude to keep checking the phone for no good reason. Social media is not your real friend, the person in front of you is probably the person you need to be connected with in that moment, be present and be respectful.

When you learn to leave social media for a few days, or weeks, you will see how FOMO (fear of missing out) becomes less of a problem. It is a good thing not to know everything.

4. It is no longer cool to be busy all the time, the new lifelong trend is REST, down time is good for boosting creativity, and it leads to being more efficient. Take the guilt out of taking a break. Burnout is so 2019...

5. Be authentic AKA yourself, learn to be happy with it, embrace where you have come from and be proud of the person you have become today.

Stop apologising, and start praising yourself, get comfortable with your life it's a good one.

Embrace 2020 and make it work for you, bring in habits of happiness.