Wellbeing Leaders have better habits

Community is key at work

Great Leaders, take the time to recognise, and build on the strengths of team members. People are your biggest assets, and without them you cannot make a good business.

By creating a community of driven people it means that you are responsible for leading them in the right direction.

It is becoming clear in this day and age, that it is no longer about a large office, with an invisible boss behind closed doors. The traditional notion of control, rewards and punishment is dying out.

Nowadays, the job of the Leader is to become a Coach to the team, and create community through clear communication and the common goal. Research suggests that people who work in a supportive group are more engaged with their job and much more productive.

The good Leader will balance any tension within the team and turn it into community with a higher level of honesty. Teams that are successful will have visions worked on together, aligned set pathway goals, and reach the main common goal.

Becoming the Coach of your team, you draw out the strengths needed, you will have a better understanding of the people you work alongside with everyday. You will begin to embrace Management for what it actually is.

At the Well+Life +Tribe we believe that Coaches help guide Managers to coach people, and in turn they produce great teams that work together well, and the people can be heard. If teams don't work properly together, someone gets hurt. We specialise in making teams feel supported. We look at the way they live, in work, and at home. Part of what we do is work alongside Leaders and help them become the Coach needed to achieve team success.