Too busy at work to take a holiday?

The average working Brit is usually allowed around four weeks paid annual leave. When we first hear this, some of us think it's not enough. We have so many places we want to see, and usually, so many personal things to do.

It took me by surprise to find out that a new survey revealed that 44% of people didn't use up holiday allowance from last year, the excuse being that they felt too busy at work!

My thoughts are we should never be that busy that we cannot take some time off from our jobs. We should always use time effectively and recharge especially paid holiday time!

If you are one of those people who doesn't take time off, please have a rethink.

A change of scenery is the right thing to do for your soul. Even if you do not go anywhere, get out of work and get to know your area, take a train, drive, take a bus. Go for a walk, wake up late, take a day off!