Tips for travelling in the sky

Wherever you are heading to, if you're travelling by air take a read of our tips for making it as stress free and pleasant as possible!

Before the flight

  • Sleeping is crucial - the night before a trip take magnesium to help relax your muscles and it may help if flying makes you feel uncomfortable

  • Workout the day before your trip to move the muscles around your body

  • Drink a green juice or smoothie, this will provide extra oxygen into your blood, make sure it's full of green veggies

  • Up your water intake to 8-9 glasses on the day of flying

  • Eat a big meal before the flight, 70% veggies but add a good source of protein and fat, for example eggs and avocado

  • Eat fermented foods before the trip

  • Pack well in advance to avoid drama and stress

  • Check with your flight provider the day before for any updates

  • Leave yourself plenty of time to get to the airport and factor in any likely disruptions, especially at the moment!

During the flight

  • Have your own snacks, organic omega mix, coconut flakes, dates and a kefir yogurt

  • Use a facial oil to keep your skin nice and hydrated. We like Lumity - a shiny face during the flight means the skin is moisturised on landing

  • Avoid fizzy drinks and alcohol on the flight

  • Do some exercise on the plane such as stretching, roll your neck, do some calf raises, or if you're feeling ambitious try to put your head between your legs to circulate blood in your head or do some squats in the toilet!

  • Take some probiotics to avoid a bad tummy when changing locations

  • Have a plan to make use of the time with a good read, meditation, do some breathing exercises or listen to your favourite songs. Or if you are flying with kids then have a plan of the games and activities you are going to do together - drawing competition, spot the difference, word search, cross word. Embrace the time together.

Happy flying!