The Call of the Self

By Ruth Gregory

Well+Life+Tribe Panel Member and Transformational Life Coach

Once Upon a Time….. What was your favourite fairy tale? Take a pause in your

busy day and gift your mind with a little magic. What do you remember from your

childhood stories? The glass slipper? The handsome prince? The tower? The

beast? The beanstalk? The poisoned apple? The ogre? The witch?

It may seem irrelevant to be thinking about fairy stories now as an adult. But

think again my pretty. These stories touch our lives more than we know. The

themes, symbols and ideas embedded in fairy tales can reveal aspects of

ourselves that we may not consciously accept or recognise.

Perhaps you’re waiting for the prince - the right employee, the right investor, the

right job opportunity, the right piece of software, the right partner, the right salary, the right time…………

As soon as you’re ‘kissed’ by this, everything will change.

As Sleeping Beauty will tell you, it takes a long time to wait for that prince. A long

time when you’re inert, lifeless, passive, life passing you by.

We could of course channel our inner Jack, sell our cow and risk losing

everything for a handful of beans. Sound familiar? Imagine if Jack hadn’t gone

with his hunch, hadn’t had that vision, hadn’t been a risk-taker. Perhaps he

would still be living in poverty with his mother, and the magic beanstalk would be

enriching somebody else’s life. Maybe you’re something of a Jack yourself? An

entrepreneur, a visionary, a pioneer, someone who sees possibility everywhere?

Maybe self-control is a struggle for you. Perhaps you’re easily led off the path

into the dark woods or tempted by the shiny red apple or unable to resist the

gingerbread house. The inner saboteur was a challenge for Little Red Riding

Hood, Snow White, and Hansel and Gretel. What or who is the witch or the wolf

in your own life - the one thing you cannot resist even though you know it’s

dangerous, or perhaps because you know it’s dangerous?

These archetypal patterns are part of our psyche. They live amongst us and

within us. The rescuer, the saboteur, the victim, the innocent child, the witch, the

hero. And we are all familiar with those times when we have been lost, pursued

by the monster, alone in the woods, imprisoned in the tower.

To recognise the archetypes in your own life is to live more purposefully. Start

thinking about what books you're reading, what films you're watching. What art

and images are you drawn to? What songs and their lyrics resonate with you?

Those things that attract us are here to reflect what our unconscious wants us to

focus on or heal. They are messages from Spirit waiting to be alchemised into

the pure gold of self-awareness.

Alongside your Beast is Beauty. Behind your Beauty is the Beast. Venture into the shadowy forest, sip from the well of your unconscious, delight in the jewels of self awareness that are gathered there. You never know what you

might find.

"Go out in the woods, go out. If you don't go out in the woods nothing will ever

happen and your life will never begin." Clarissa Pinkola Estes

We’ll never reach the destination, but for those of us willing to go out into the

woods, to view our life’s journey with curiosity, to both smell the roses and feel

their thorns, we can be assured a deep and meaningful connection with our soul.

And what better happy ever after than that?

Ruth Gregory can be contacted at

M: 07704 109806