Stay well hydrated

If we do not have enough water it can lead to bad headaches, tiredness, overeating, lack of concentration, irritability, and bladder problems. It can increase the risk of getting kidney stones.

How much water we need varies amongst us, but as a rule we should ultimately aim to be having at least 2 litres a day, men should be aiming for 2.5 litres. If you drink this much water it will stop the hunger pangs that encourage snacking in the day, and at night. Try not to wait until you feel a thirst, because this means that you are mildly dehydrated.

Use the coaching tips below to make sure that you are drinking enough:

1. Check the colour of your urine - If it is very pale yellow and doesn't smell this means you are drinking enough. If it is bright coloured, or dark yellow this is a sign you need to drink more.

2. Except alcohol, and fizzy drinks, most fluids count. But by drinking 80% water you help your body cleanse. Water is also better for your teeth, and helps to keep your weight in check because it is calorie free.

3. Try and eat food which has a high water content such as fruits and vegetables, an example of this is cucumber, celery, and most dark green vegetables.