Spotlight on Rhi Hepple

Naturopathic Nutritionist

Meet Rhi, a Naturopathic Nutritionist based in the New Forest and specialising in supporting women with digestive issues or autoimmune conditions. Having experienced her own difficult healing journey which led her to discover Naturopathy. She is passionate about supporting women to take back control of their health and to empower them in rebalancing their health through nutrition, herbal medicine,

support, ayurvedic and naturopathic practices.

"I believe that when women are feeling healthy and full of vitality, it has such a magical knock on effect on all aspects of their life, from their family to their business - that is why I want to guide more women into understanding their own personal needs, what tips them out of balance and give them a tool box to help keep them feeling at their very best." She knows this only too well having struggled with an autoimmune condition when her two sons were very little. “I felt so out of control of my health, on a cocktail of medication without any improvement in symptoms and all I wanted to know was how to help myself. How to make things better myself. I was so willing to make changes, I just didn’t know how. Taking medication felt really disempowering and I lost myself in the darkness of illness.”

Rhi has worked in the health and beauty industry since 2000. First in editorial and then was the Marketing Manager for The Urban Retreat at Harrods and the Website Editor of She has been a holistic therapist since 2006 and is also a trained reflexologist and reiki master practitioner. She now specialises in naturopathy and offers one-to-one consultations in the New Forest area or on Zoom. Last year she launched her first online course called The Natural Gut Reset and more online courses are to come this year.

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