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Karen Skidmore is a proven coach, business mentor and menopause champion, with more than twenty-five years commercial experience. Her operations background and strategic thinking blends beautifully with her deep connection to using intuition and inner wisdom, a rare combination of skills in the world of business She specialises in working with midlife female founders and leaders who are experiencing menopausal changes and health issues during their 40’s and 50’s. Menopause is a natural transition for all women, but with cases of burnout rapidly increasing, it is an invisible and unspoken issue for most women.

Karen understands this more than most having faced her own burnout journey in her early 40’s which she spent many years recovering from. She brings this experience and wisdom into her work, and empowers midlife women in business to create a new rhythm and flow to their lives in order to not just stay working, but to fulfil their economic and leadership potential, and increase their level of impact.

If you feel exhausted and not able to achieve what you need to do each day, get started with this easy to follow Energy Tracker and get to experience how your hormones, menstrual cycles, moon cycles and the seasons all contribute to your productivity levels throughout the year. It’s the first step to start reconnecting to yourself and see how the way that your work may be driving you too hard.

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