Spotlight on Cat Couzens

Emotional Well-being Therapist & Coach

Meet Cat, an Emotional Well-being Therapist and Coach who specialises in Trauma. After experiencing high anxiety during her childhood, Cat was able to recognise early signs of it with her own children who were under a lot of stress after changing schools a number of times and struggling with dyslexia. This is when she discovered Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) - otherwise known as Tapping Therapy.

"It’s basically acupuncture without the needles – tapping with your fingers on meridian acupressure points on your face and body, while acknowledging thoughts and feelings that are causing you concern. It reduces stress in the body by sending calming signals to the brain. It worked so well with my children I joined them – it was amazing, a tingly, fuzzy warm sensation runs through your body relaxing you, like slipping into a warm bath. It magically dilutes the 'issue' and you quickly feel lighter and calmer. After a few sessions, I felt such a passionate connection to the power it can have that I wanted to learn more about it."

She enrolled herself into EFT Level 1 and 2 during the first lockdown and became accredited to work as a practitioner. During this period of time, she experienced her biggest personal epiphany while studying trauma and grief. Cat's mum sadly passed away when she was only 19 years old, the world was pulled from her and she was forever changed - having to support her younger siblings, she never really managed to grieve the loss and only came to the realisation recently that her body was keeping all the trauma within. . EFT and Havening worked to help her with the grief she carried for all those years. "It was gentle but so powerful and I felt lighter almost immediately. The heavy sadness that had sat in every cell inside me was lifted. Diluted."

Her mission now is to go on and help others - with her warmth and compassionate approach - she creates long term changes for clients, setting them free from past experiences that might be holding them back emotionally, physically (dis-ease / symptoms or pain) or mentally (limiting beliefs). Her solution focused, integrative approach personalised for each client's needs combines EFT, Neuro Linguistic Programming known as NLP, Havening which is a psychosensory touch technique, and a little gentle humour to lift and shift states of mind and body for adults and children. Cat is now about to embark on projects in a school - a whole school movement learning to emotionally regulate and self soothe, to ultimately reduce daily stress and anxiety, by teaching the teachers EFT and carrying out workshops with parents and children. The aim is to help everyone and the ripple effects it will create will be huge.

"We are what we experience but it's how we bounce back from the knocks in life that will make us rise up."

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