Sleep train yourself

It is hard to imagine that all we do is go to bed and get up at the same time day in and day out and if we sleep eight hours a night we would have clocked up 230,000 hours in a lifetime on average! Sadly a lot of us aren't sleeping well, in fact, 16 million people in the UK are sleep deprived.

Five days per week we spend up our energy, and then we use our precious weekends for recharging from our hectic weeks, however, these days Saturday and Sunday are just as busy.

We want you to try the rhythm method if you are having trouble getting to sleep at night:

Follow the 5-day sleeping plan below:

1. Dim the lights when the sun sets - it helps to start the melatonin production

2. Pick a time a night you want to fall asleep such as 10.30 pm

3. Make sure you head upstairs half an hour

4. Prepare to have a wash, get into comfy clothes or no clothes

5. Make your bed comfortable

6. Reminder make sure your phone is away from the bed - stop looking at it around 9 pm

7. Anything on your mind? Clear it out by writing all your thoughts on paper. We want you to sleep with a clear head

8. Count your belly breathes and do that for 15 minutes

Follow this for a week, and use it for a period when you do not have any plans. Make it a priority and get your rhythm working, let this become a good habit.