Self-Care this Christmas with Vicky Midwood

A lot of people are experiencing an enormous amount of stress, worry and anxiety these days. With Christmas just around the corner and with none of us quite knowing what to expect or what’s expected of just adds to that stress and anxiety load!

Our Panel Expert Vicky Midwood has given some thought on ways to make us all feel better, feel inspired and overall just feel good for Christmas 2020!

Self-care now more than ever has to be priority -Vicky believes Self- Care IS Health Care. And a big part of that is doing things daily that ‘light you up’ make you feel ‘warm and fuzzy’ inside, make you smile and feel happy to be alive.

Read on for Vicky's top tips to avoid feeling frazzled this Christmas 1.Plan your diary now for the Christmas period to include time to exercise, prepare and eat proper meals and do something that makes you feel good every day. 2. Avoid rewarding yourself with food or alcohol for ‘getting through the day’ it's a recipe for anxiety, shame and guilt the next day. Excessive food and alcohol plays havoc with your gut, hormones and immune function...something we want to be in tip top condition at the moment!

3.Remind yourself there is and never has been a ‘perfect Christmas’ everyone muddles through and does their best. Give yourself permission to do the same. 4. It’s NOT your responsibility to ensure everyone is happy and having a good time over Christmas, especially this year! Communication and compromise will be the key theme this year. 5.Now is your chance to let go of the people pleasing, to saying “yes” when your heart is saying “no” and to honour YOUR wants and needs so as to remind yourself that you count just as much as everyone else. 6. Avoid watching the news as much as you can, the same goes for engaging in conversations with negative people who drag down your energy and drain you of your vitality. 7. Stay focused on what you can do and not what you can’t, and please avoid projecting, catastrophizing or what if-ing about the future. 8.The stories we tell ourselves in our own heads about stuff that hasn’t even happened yet (and probably never will) is the stuff of heart attacks and strokes! Stop it – it doesn’t serve you one iota! 9.Make the decision today to stay in the day, focus on what matters to you, and this year practice trading expectations for appreciation.

Vicky Midwood, The Addiction & Disordered Eating Eliminator

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Merry Christmas!