Saying no and reclaiming your power

by Georgia Cadoret

In life we sometimes find ourselves seemingly locked into situations, relationships, commitments or places that we actually don't want to be putting our energy into. We may not even realise this until it feels like we are "in too deep" and unable to choose what is worth our time and energy. The truth is that we can always choose, and in order to be the best and happiest version of ourselves we must first stand in our power and reclaim our place in our lives based on what is true for us.

Easier said than done, granted. This will usually involve saying the dreaded 'N' word - that's 'no' for all of you guilt-ridden people pleasers who know where I'm coming from. Whilst we have been brought up to believe that saying no is somehow weighted with negative implications, I feel we have failed to be taught how important it is to set boundaries for ourselves. We don't need to do this to be selfish, in fact it is necessary to be selfish so that we can form a stronger relationship with ourselves, building a better foundation from which to give to others. You've heard the saying, 'An empty well cannot continue to give water'. By reclaiming your power, you are beginning a positive energy cycle for everything else that you do and give to in life.

By placing boundaries, you are actually creating freedom.

In the world of Reiki we call the energetic bonds we have between people, places and things etheric cords. Imagine a rope or a stream of energy that comes out of you (often this originates at the Solar Plexus), and is attached at the other end to what/whoever you have a connection with. As we all know, not all of our attachments are necessarily healthy. It is common for us to create ties with things or others that actually drain us rather than uplift or fulfil us, such as co-dependent relationships or a heavy reliance on an activity or substance.

Once we recognise that we might be involved with an attachment that feels unhealthy or that no longer serves us, it is helpful to cut the etheric cord in order to release the attachment. It is necessary to cut these energetic ties we might be holding needlessly for others in order to create space for new, positive ones. Such bonds might also be draining your energy without your knowledge - think of it as clearing out the chuff in your kitchen drawers that haven't been used for years but still take up space.

You don't need to have a trained Reiki practitioner at hand to do this. As with all things energy, this can be done by yourself with the simple power of intention - a helpful mantra to connect with any intention is: where thoughts go, energy flows.

Cutting etheric cords

Begin by getting comfortable in a quiet place if you can, so that you can fully focus on your intention. Take a few deep inhales through the nose, exhaling out of the mouth.

Go inward, and think of the person, place or thing you have an attachment to which no longer serves you. Keeping it mind, see if you can feel where the energy of this thing is held in your body - this might present itself as a lump in the throat, or a heaviness in the heart. If you can't sense where the energy is felt, just focus on your solar plexus.

Imagining and feeling the etheric cord between you, ask for your bond to be cut. You can ask Archangel Michael to cut this with his sword, or you can just place the intention in your thoughts. It will be effective either way.

Come out of this visualisation slowly and go about your day assured that in cutting unnecessary ties you have just reclaimed your power and mentally set a healthy boundary for your energy. Etheric cords can reform if there is still a bond on the other end of the energy circuit, ie. if someone is still attached to you. So you may have to keep up this practice or do something practical to weaken the connection.