Panel Member Jessica Joan shares her thoughts on 'Life after Lockdown'

As many of us returned back to work this week, there’s been speculation about what life will be like when this pandemic is over and questioning if it's safe for “normal life” to resume. And it got me thinking…

This coronavirus pandemic has made some of us take a hard look at ourselves with regards to our health; inspiring us to start looking after our mind and body in order to boost our immune system and prevent us from being vulnerable to the virus. Having the time to instil these healthy habits over the past ten weeks can be seen as a blessing to those people, as they probably wouldn’t have made these changes if it wasn’t for the time in lockdown! It has inspired and encouraged us to cook fresh food and get creative in the kitchen, producing delicious and nutritious food that will nourish every cell in our body. We have cherished our time outside; enjoying the vitamin D from natural sunlight and incorporating some sort of exercise to make the most of the outdoors. Now we can relate to the same excitement our dogs feel about the great outdoors when we take them for their daily walk!

Moreover, the lockdown period has forced many of us to face our fears head on and deal with them in a variety of different ways. Usually we dismiss our anxieties, fears, worries and negative thoughts by distracting ourselves and running away from them. However, this time at home meant we couldn’t run away anymore, instead we have had to sit with them. It has brought up feelings of fear along with negative, anxious thoughts for a lot of us; some of us have dealt with this by drinking and eating more, some of us have dealt with this by seeking help from a professional, some of us have dealt with this by creating a self-care routine, some of us have dealt with this by throwing ourselves into working at home and some of us have dealt with this by allowing ourselves to open up about it with our nearest and dearest.

There’s no right way to deal with what’s been going on; the only way to know if it’s the right way for you is if it feels good and you’re going to benefit from it in some way.

Likewise, it’s made us rethink what truly brings us joy and happiness. I’m guessing that for the majority of us, we’ve relied on material things; holidays, money and the love of someone else to bring us happiness. Lockdown stripped us of these, making us seek out happiness within our homes and within ourselves. It’s allowed us to slow down and value our time, it’s allowed us to appreciate the small things in life and has helped us discover that true happiness already lies within us.

If anything, this experience has taught us that we need to take better care of ourselves so we can live a long, happy and healthy life. The “new normal” all depends on you, your choices and your actions.

So, when “normal life” begins to open up again, ask yourself these questions:

Do you want your life to go back to how it was?

What lessons have you learned during this time?

Do you have any hopes coming out of lockdown?

What do you want to take forward with you from this experience as normal life resumes again?

You can find out more about Jess and her holistic coaching business here. You can also connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.