Keep Calm and...Sleep

These are incredibly challenging and uncertain times for us; which is having an enormous impact on our everyday life and health. Most of us are under one roof working from home, being schooled from how do we make sure that we retain some calm and positivity throughout this process and most of all, to try and keep harmony in the home!!!

Good quality sleep is a key foundation to our health (and sanity!). The Sleep Foundation has stated that to keep our immunity in tip-top shape we need to get up to 7-8 hours quality sleep per night. Don’t fret if this is not the case, things such as stress, shift work, age, all affect our sleep patterns. What is important, if our night sleep is being impacted, is that we try and get a nap or two of no longer than 30 minutes during the day. This is enough to offset the negative effect sleep deprivation can have on the immune system.

So during this demanding time, it is important that we try and find some calm in our lives so that we can benefit from good, quality sleep. Here are some tips of how you can build a good sleep routine for you and your family:

  • Reduce your caffeine intake to 1-2 cups per day and avoid after lunch. Try a herbal tea instead or just lemon and ginger in hot water.

  • Manage screentime. Ensure technology is off at least an hour before bedtime to prevent any overstimulation but also take breaks away from the screen throughout the day.

  • Use this time to enjoy quality family time. Get games out in the evening, catch up on films, play music...anything that relaxes you.

  • Grab a good book, there are so many around. Maybe have a book club in your family if they are up for it!

  • Have your dinner at least 2-3 hours before you go to sleep.

  • Look at natural sleep supplements such as magnesium, valerian and sour cherry juice.

  • Light candles or diffusers in the living area and bedrooms with relaxing scents to create an ambience.

  • Take a bath or shower in the evening with some relaxing essential oils such a lavender, camomile or eucalyptus.

  • Have a calming bedtime drink - warm milk, valerian or camomile tea.

  • Grab a sleep or relaxing pillow spray and pop it on your pillow before you snooze.

  • Keep your bedroom dark or dimly lit.

  • Try and keep to a similar sleep and wake pattern if you can, this helps our bodies get into a rhythm and routine.

And lastly, try and find some time for you. It may mean waking a little earlier in the morning so you can spend some time exercising, meditating, or just having a peaceful cup of tea. What ever it takes for you to kick-start the day in the most positive way.

Keep Calm and ...Sleep!