It's National Aromatherapy Week... Panel Member Dee Opp shares her experience with essential oils

The Power of Internalising the Essence of Nature by Dee Opp

How can essential oils help you?

Upon graduation in pharmacy from Colorado University, I started my work in healthcare as a board certified psychiatric clinical pharmacy specialist. I worked in Pharmacy for 10+ years and loved it, and only stopped working to support my family through our move to London, England back in 2006. Tragedy struck in 2013 when my husband was diagnosed with cancer. My pharmacy background was quickly put to the test as prescriptions often were not tailored to my husband, and the risks far outweighed the benefits. My husband was diagnosed with stage IV cancer and there was nothing we could do, but I am very thankful pain medications could ease his passing by providing the optimal effects to ease his pain and suffering.

After my husband passed, I reshaped my life. A pill could not remedy my grief and I knew I had to look inward. I knew that the harder the process, the greater the prosperity on the other side. I had to tackle the ROOT of the problem, which was intimidating and scary. Modern medicine does not always align with the entire well-being of the patient, so I went on a journey with essential oils, yoga and breath work to work through the feelings of grief.

At first, I believed essential oils to be more of a supplemental wellness product, but my mind was opened as my well-being progressed significantly. Essential oils helped me tackle the roots of my suffering rather than just the symptoms.

In short, I strongly believe essential oils are not just a supplemental wellness product.

I specialise in trauma focused yoga therapy and use essential oils to promote new healthy associations within the body, mind and breath. I use oils to enhance asana practice, breath practice, mindfulness, meditation, and energetic work with marma points on the body. My confidence in essential oils stems from my own positive personal experiences. The use of oils is a powerful conduit to radical self care which I share with my clients.

Emotional health affects nearly all aspects of our lives, from how we make decisions, interact with others, and our response to difficult situations. Essential oils can help lower stress hormones, bring emotional balance and invite feelings of uplift and calm.

Essential oils not only interact with our sense of smell, but also with our respiratory and digestive systems. Peppermint, for example, is helpful to ease muscle aches, headaches, settle upset stomachs, support easeful breathing, and clear sinuses. Essential oils are also used to aid in cleaning and purifying. For example, Melaleuca oil (tea tree) does wonders for smelly sweaty gym clothes, added to vinegar for a natural household cleaning option, and can soothe irritated or acne prone skin.

How can an oil do all that?

Essential oils are the essence of a plant and contain all-natural chemical compounds to connect you back to the power of nature. These chemical compounds are hidden in roots, seeds, flowers, and bark. When you open a bottle of essential oil, your senses are awakened by the pure unadulterated aroma. These natural compounds travel to the limbic area of your brain where moods and memories are stored and generated. The compounds naturally transform the way you think and feel. Regular use begins to create new pathways for thoughts, feelings, and behaviour.

They support your mind and body to adapt - I hope you will be open to the experience.

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*Professional Guidance* Please always choose therapeutic grade essential oils and ensure you have proper knowledge around safe and effective use.