How to feel closer to your partner

First things first, romance is the first step to most relationships, it is not something that lasts forever. Our culture leads us to believe that the courting stage is meant to last forever. This is not true, and if you have been in a relationship more than five years than you know this to be true.

A relationship is about how two people can grow together, how they can continue to develop love through the life cycle.

In a fast paced modern life, we expect what we see in magazines, Hollywood movies and fiction. The reality is most of us work full time, and have children or adolescents.

We are having less sex now than we have done for decades, our demands, lifestyle and sense of reality is taking over. Our expectation of accessing the romance is killing it.

Focus on intimacy, and it is something you need to schedule and make time for in our lives because this is what connects us in relationships.

We know you are busy, and we are not telling you to have sex daily. But we are going to give you some tips on how to be close to your partner.

  1. Make time to lie in bed together once a week

  2. Shower together once a week

  3. Have a weekend nap together

  4. Hold hands together when you are out

  5. Touch, when on the sofa together, stroke each others hair, or rub stressed out shoulders

  6. Kiss on the lips, daily

  7. Hug when one of you goes off for the day

Do this for the next two months and schedule it into the diary. Watch how your relationship grows in the right direction.