How to eat with mindful intention

This post is for people who eat mindlessly. From this moment on every time you sit down for a meal, try our tips below:

Set the scene

Take a break from social media or any other distractions. Choose to look at what you are eating, especially as you have made it. Access what vegetables you have on your plate, look at the effort you have made in terms of cooking it, think about where it has come from, and consider how lucky you are to be eating this plate of food, especially when someone, somewhere else is not as fortunate as you are right now.

Notice your surroundings, and allow yourself time to experience being in the present moment. Again take the distractions away, you can eat and not look at anything else. Focus your mind on one thing.

Engage your senses

By this we mean to be aware of your five senses, is your food salty, is it sweet, is it hot or cold, does it smell good? Make a point of acknowledging them; this helps your brain connect, and it also makes food taste better. Talk about how good it is, and how delicious it smells.

Learn the journey of your food

How did your food get to your plate? The supermarket? is it from a local source. Is it in season? Did it take you long to prepare, what else could you make with your ingredients? Appreciate your food and how it came to your plate.