How to beat mindless eating

Every day we are continuously surrounded by opportunities to eat and drink. How do we manage this daily?

Losing weight and keeping it to a natural healthy balance can be hard with so many choices available to us. The statistics show we are getting larger, and the rate of obesity is on the rise. The prediction is by 2050; obesity is going to be double what it is now bringing the number to around 54% in the UK.

At work, we face bad snacking with the biscuit tin, or another birthday cake, all tempting and all mindless ways of overeating. Just say no.

When we are at home, we've normally over stocked our cupboards because we tend to shop when we are hungry. The supermarkets also take advantage of this by strategically placing snacks, sweets and other processed foods by the tills.

So read on for Well+Life+Tribe tips to prevent you from eating mindlessly:

1. Meal plan

Book in three meals a day. If you are avoiding breakfast, change up.

Eating is a habit, and we need to try and rework it so that we are consistently making healthy habits.

2. Rid temptation

Don't buy it. You will eat it if it is there. Only shop for what you need in your three meals a day. Snacks are not required, and you can survive without them. Go shopping when you are feeling full this will help you to navigate and shop by your list.

3. Always refer to food as a meal, get rid of the word snack.

Rewire your brain. It knows the difference between snacking and meals. Once you have programmed your mind with the three meals a day, it will just get used to this. Studies have shown that when people snack, they start to become hungrier quicker. Most snacks have the same if not more calorie than some meals.

4. Find other ways to regulate your emotions

Food emotion is a massive problem for a lot of people. We eat when we are sad, and we eat when we are lonely, we eat when we are bored. These triggers are not meant to solved by food, just the feeling of hunger. Remove the food attached to these emotions. Instead, go for a walk when you feel bored, and call someone for a chat when you feel lonely or write in a journal, maybe take up a group sport.

5. Portion control is a real thing

With many big bag options of snacks and oversized offerings, food portions are out of control. Again mindless eating and drinking is a big problem here. Most people eat double what they are meant to have because of the bigger bags of crisps and drinks.

Portion control is more important than ever now, we buy thousands of empty calories nowadays, and this needs to stop.

At mealtimes, make sure you only have a protein portion that is as big as the palm of your hand this represents your gut. Make sure you fill the rest of your plate with green vegetables. Be aware of your portion control as this is how you manage your natural weight, and this is how you feel good about yourself.

How to eat mindfully at the dinner table

Add food to your fork, pop it into your mouth and take time to chew, make food as small as possible before sending it onto your gut. This way, you stop bloating, and you think about what you are doing. It also gives your brain a chance to process getting full correctly. The mind and body work well together when this happens.