Have a bath it reduces stress

One of the best ways to reduce stress is by taking a bath. This has become time consuming for a lot of us these days. It isn't something we should do daily, but once every couple of weeks is a good shout for self-care at home.

We recommend using Epsom salts in gorgeous warm bathwater. Epsom salts help you relax your muscles and this should, in turn, set you up for a good nights sleep.

Make the bath warm, pour in 1cup of Epsom salts, and sit in it for at least 20 minutes, stay longer if you are having a good time!

Another good tip for a bedtime bath is magnesium flakes, which help to relax you before bedtime. These can also be used for children.

Bathtime routine:

  • Have a chamomile tea

  • Avoid any screentime and pop your phone away from the bathroom

  • Warn people you are going for a nice quiet bath

  • Dry brush your body before getting into the bath

  • Do this in an upward sweeping motion

  • Run the bath to a suitable warm temperature

  • Light some candles or dim the lights

  • Add some slow flo music on low in the background

  • Enjoy the atmosphere of your lovely bath

  • Have a room temperature glass of water ready for after the bath


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