Exercising in lockdown

Our panel member James Davis (Co Founder of 38 Degrees North Holiday's

and Retreat's) shares some useful tips for getting fit in lockdown.

The new normal is presenting us with lots of challenges, but every challenge is an opportunity. An opportunity to grow, to find a new way of doing things, and this is certainly true of exercise. Many of us will have been used to the facilities a gym offers: classes, cardio machines, weights machines, free weights. With the gyms closed we have to adapt and find new ways of moving our bodies. Here are our top tips for exercising in lockdown… If classes were your thing then hop online as there’s a wealth of trainers offering recorded and streaming classes for the home right now. Joe Wicks has his 9am PE class, you can find workouts on youtube and all over facebook. Failing that, time to dig out that Mr Motivator VHS… If you were a cardio bunny and loved to cycle, run, row, well (apart from rowing) you can pretty much still do those things. If you’re lucky enough to have cardio equipment at home, the answer is obvious, otherwise isolated outdoor runs and bike rides should be your new go to. If weights were your thing then this is perhaps the hardest one of all to adapt. You may be lucky enough to have some dumbbells and a bench at home, even some kettlebells. If you don’t then the next best thing are resistance bands - which actually give you amazing versatility and a surprisingly hard workout. They’re cheap and you can order them online in various resistance levels. Household object likes cans of food (no stockpiling though!), water filled bottles and even pets (we’re joking!) can be used as make shift weights. If you were training for strength and or size, then it’s likely you’re going to have to adapt to a higher rep range to compensate for the lighter weights/bands/cans you’ve got available to you. Don’t worry - studies have shown that 2 to 3 sets of 15 to 20 reps with minimal rest in between (30 seconds) still trigger muscular growth and strength gains. The trick is to adapt and get inventive. Tricep dips off chairs, pull ups from under sturdy kitchen tables, feet elevated press ups (if you have the strength - caution with this one) to hit the shoulders… you get the idea. We’re being given the opportunity to move our bodies in new ways, we may even like what we find more than the gym of old… If you’d like to learn more then join our free 5 day Prep & Protect challenge where not only will you have a real time HIIT workout (with beginner and more advanced moves) but a conditioning workout for home as well. Plus there’s coaching on managing a routine, immune boosting foods, managing stress and anxiety, relationships and more…