Defining your 'Five a day'

The government has stipulated that you should eat a mix of 5 fruits and vegetables a day. In a bid to get the good stuff inside you, they have said that you can have this in juices and smoothies.

However, what they failed to mention is, if you do this, then they will have to come back around and tell you to cut down the sugar as this might make you ill. Another campaign in the making!

Like all good things, this list has to be defined to make it have an impact on your life. You should aim to eat just vegetables, and to make it appealing all in a different colour! Eating five vegetables a day will stave off sugary foods, and when the craving comes (on average twice a day), this is when you have fruit, no more than two pieces a day ideally.

One of the reasons you should aim for the rainbow of vegetables is because it has been scientifically proven to be good for your gut health. But you must feed them as often as possible as you have between 40 trillion and 400 trillion microorganisms.

Eating fresh vegetables will help us have a healthy microbiome; which is connected to good mental and physical health.