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Do you have a story to share? One that will inspire, motivate and help other people in leading a more balanced life.  Do you live and breathe, making a real change to real people? Is your purpose to improve people’s lives?  Are you invested in how you can make genuine, long-term transformations to the lives of your clients?  Fiercely passionate wellness advocates are very welcome to join us. We will support your mission! 

If this is you, then you have found your Tribe. 

What do we expect from our panel members?


When it comes to choosing the right type of panel member, we want to make sure that members feel aligned with us about what it is we want for people far and wide.  Wellness experts are often solo entrepreneurs however with our community we help you feel part of a team. Plus we want to help you to get your business out there with our platforms, so that you in turn can help people.


If you are interested in like-minds, networking, and collaboration, then this is for you.


Opportunities aplenty, whether you are being spotlighted in one of our newsletters, guesting on a Podcast, being interviewed for WLT TV, writing a blog or article or going live in our Instagram or Facebook, it’s all available to you.


WLT Online community, available for you at any time - Well+Life+Tribe has a private panel members group on Facebook. Here you can share your thoughts, your challenges and your opportunities as well as your events. We also help to keep you abreast of awareness days and any media requests we find through social media.


Events & Workshops – we aim to hold online events on popular topics every couple of months. We encourage you to showcase your expertise to other panel members in our monthly Panel to Panel events, and to the public in adhoc Panel to Public events.


Corporate world – we have run several bespoke workshops and conference events for corporates, such as Deloitte, Virgin Atlantic, Menzies and more. Whilst we aim to secure corporate opportunities, we can never guarantee what will come along, however, when it does, you will have the chance to apply to work alongside us as part of the Tribe.

Festivals and outdoor events - these opportunities come up now and again, and we let you know when this happens.

If this all resonates with you and you are interested in joining Well+Life+Tribe as a Panel Member, please submit the Join Our Panel form online.


Join this community of like-minded wellness professionals…


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Step 3 - If  you have the same values as us, you are in! 


Step 4 - Panel members pay £135 per year.


Get in touch to find out more - we are waiting to hear from you!

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Being part of Well+Life+Tribe has helped me settle into the UK - it was a blessing to find the team, they welcomed me with open arms.


They encourage me to nurture my business and  offer amazing opportunities to speak to corporates and a wider public audience. Providing sound advice and business tips, they encourage me to expand my reach on other platforms.

I am excited and ever grateful to work with the Well+Life+Tribe team.

Courtney Baxter

TRE Provider and Quantum Energy Coach

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