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Do you have a story to share? A story that will inspire, motivate and help others?

Do you live and breathe making a real change to real people? Are you already improving people's lives? Are you totally invested in how you can make genuine, long-term transformations to the lives of your clients? If this is you, then you have found your tribe. The Well+Life+Tribe.


No matter what you do, a financial adviser, nutritionist, business coach, yoga teacher or kinesiologist – if you want to be surrounded by like-minded experts who adopt a holistic approach to create change in the lives of their clients and if you are fiercely passionate about your expertise then please contact us about joining our Panel.


Let’s get one thing straight... what do we expect from our panel members?

We are serious when it comes to choosing the right type of panel member. And when we say you must live and breathe making a real change to people, your clients, and potential clients – we damn well mean it!  So, if you are in it for the money, the fame or because it sounds vaguely interesting – this is not the Tribe for you.

However, if this has brought a tingle of excitement to your belly…

What’s it in for you?
Handpicked members – You can be safe in the knowledge that all members are not only 
‘on the same page’ as you but committed to working in a close-knit community to maximise each and every opportunity.

Sharing the love in the corporate world – We have run a number of large-scale and bespoke workshops for large corporates, with companies such as Deloitte, Virgin Atlantic, Golin and Menzies to name a few. You will have the opportunity to apply to work alongside us, as part of the Tribe, when we secure corporate events.

Seasonal brunches – Every quarter Well+Life+Tribe organise and host brunches on a variety of topics. You could form part of the panel and get in front of an invested audience!


Festivals and outdoor events - Every year we look to have a presence at relevant festivals and events.  You will have the opportunity to be involved as part of the Tribe.


Don’t hate collaborate! If it isn’t obvious already we are all about collaboration. You will have access to people who are changing the game – just think how your business could benefit…

Getting your face and your message out there – There are so many Well+Life+Tribe platforms that you can exploit – whether you are being spotlighted in one of our newsletters, guesting on a Podcast, being interviewed for a YouTube video, writing a blog or sharing one of your Vlogs (need we go on?!)

Online support you can tap in to at anytime - Well+Life+Tribe have a closed Facebook group that you will be welcomed in to – to share your thoughts, your challenges and your opportunities.

Join us and harness this opportunity to propel your business forward.


Step 1- Fill in the form below now.


Step 2 - Submit it to the Team, you will be invited to a zoom call with one of the Tribe.


Step 3 - We then get back in touch, if you have the same values as us, you are in! 


Step 4 - Panel members pay £110 for 12 months ( less than £10 per month) 


Opportunities open up when you jump on board! 


Get in touch to find out more - we are waiting to hear from you!

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