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Being part of Well+Life+Tribe has helped me settle into the UK - it was a blessing to find the team, they welcomed me with open arms.


They encourage me to nurture my business and  offer amazing opportunities to speak to corporates and a wider public audience. Providing sound advice and business tips, they encourage me to expand my reach on other platforms.

I am excited and ever grateful to work with the Well+Life+Tribe team.

Courtney Baxter

TRE Provider and Quantum Energy Coach

Welcome to our Panel.   

Our Panel Members are handpicked, passionate experts in their field.


To be part of our Tribe we expect our

panel members to live and breathe for their passion and to have a real drive

to help people improve their lives.  

This month's

Featured Experts

Steph Kay

Personal Trainer

Steph is a REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer with expertise in Pilates

Tom Lyon

Independent Financial Advisor

Tom offers financial planning advice to clients, helping them to future plan.

Patrizia Bortolin

Wellness Coach and Retreats

Patrizia is transformational coach and Spa Director at the at the Dolce Vita Resort.

Meet  The Experts


Aga Kehinde

Integrative Health Coach

Aga has over 20 years experience as an Adult Cancer Nurse.


Anele Griessel

Occupational Therapist

Anele works with adults & children to explore their sensory preferences.


Anna Percy-Davies

Career Coach

Careers Coach Anna specialises in mindset, motivation, confidence and communication.


Barbara Mastropirro

Kinesiologist, Geomancer & Intuitive Mentor

Barbara helps clients find their health & happiness through the inner body.


Catherine Barrand

Pilates Teacher

Catherine has more than 12 years experience of teaching Pilates.


Claire Penney

Personal Trainer

Claire has over 10 years experience as a PT and is also a pilates instructor.


David Linaker

Life Coach

David is a Life Coach


Alexandra Legouix


Sports TV Presenter and owner of Konasana Dome Yoga Studio


Ann Goodsell

Personal Trainer

Ann has 30 years experience as a personal trainer, publishing two books on the subject.


Annabella Zeiddar

Rapid Transformational Therapist

Annabella runs her own global practice as an advanced RT Therapist


Britta Hochkeppel

Naturopath & Energy Healer

Britta is an Energy Healer, Naturopath and Reiki Master


Charlie Elmy-Britton

Personal Stylist

Charlie has a passion for fashion and helping women look and feel their best.


Claire and James Davis

Personal Trainers

Claire & James own 38oN offering bespoke fitness experiences for body & mind.


Debbie Dore

Pilates Instructor

Debbie uses pilates to challenge her physical fitness, and loves to teach.


Amanda Allen

Nutritional Consultant

Amanda has a degree in Clinical Psychology and is a nutritional consultant.


Anna Anderson

Health and Life Coach

Anna is a certified Health and Life Coach


Anneke Thordsen

Meditation Coach

Meditation Coach Anneke founded the Elmbridge Meditation Centre.


Carly Garrett


Carly is a Reflexologist specialising in fertility, pregnancy and women's wellbeing.


Claire Jacklin

Personal Stylist

Claire helps women love themselves by helping them find clothes that suit their style.


Courtney Baxter

TRE® Provider

Courtney is a certified TRE® Provider working with individuals and small groups.


Dee Ann Opp

Yoga Teacher

Dee is an experienced yoga teacher, passing on her expertise since 1993.

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