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Tom Astley



Tom developed a passion for helping people get through pain from his past experiences with injury. He has spent the last 12 years of his career working with musculoskeletal injuries and honing his skills so he can optimise people's recovery.

As a physiotherapist Tom strives to help people in pain, ensuring his clients are reassured with a strategy to work towards recovery and also ensuring they stay active whilst injured. Tom believes in the importance of reassurance and keeping someone active, and in work, both being vital for  social interaction and mental health.

Tom takes pride and passion in knowing every person's circumstances. Having gone through extensive injuries himself, he feels it's important that people don't live in fear of re-injury or constant pain.

Tom values the need for normal social interactions and lifestyles as part of balanced and healthy person. He also strongly believes in advocating good mental health, as Tom also uses exercise as a method to manage his own mental health.