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Tessa Hawes

Mindset Mentor and Entrepreneur


Tessa started her Boss Your Morning business five years ago after years of study into mindset success habits.  Boss Your Morning is a personal mindset habit that Tessa shares with others becasue she firmly believes that how people start their day is everything.  Tessa wants everyone to learn how to give themselves the time they deserve by adopting a mindset routine in the morning, filling their cup before the day starts so that they are high vibe - ready to start the day and to give to others.

Today Tessa runs daily morning mindset sessions via her app - Boss Your Morning and she helps   hundreds of people and loves the success stories she hears weekly.   Tessa has a huge passion for helping entrepreneurs with their mindset and Tessa has also extended her mindset techniques to children via MiniMe Mindfulness.  

Love Boss Your Morning with Tessa. Meditation helps and Tessa makes you feel calm and ready to start your day with positive thoughts. Thank you so much Tessa.

Boss Your Morning with Tessa has been a game changer for me and my husband. Tessa is positive and inspirational whilst being natural and human too. The flow of the dedicated 30 minutes is focussed and inspirational. Thanks Tessa.

Bossy Your Morning always makes me smile and brings peace and positivity to my day.