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Sally Dunford

Shaw Method Swimming Instructor & Pilates Instructor

Sally has two strings to her bow by teaching both Swimming & Pilates.

The Swimming method that Sally teaches attracts all skill levels - from people just wanting to improve their technique through to total beginners and those with strong water phobias.  Sally finds it hugely rewarding to see people overcome what has often been a lifelong challenge, fear or even embarrassment.  She has received a lot of feedback telling her that learning to swim has also been the catalyst for further change - people realising that they really can still learn a new skill as an adult and that the experience had changed their ingrained self beliefs.  

With Pilates Sally teaches on a one to one basis but also in equipped studios, and mat classes.  Helping people come to understand and appreciate their bodies, connecting the mind and the body and then really taking the learning into every day life, is what Sally aims to achieve in all of her lessons.  The benefits of Pilates are many, and it caters for all ages, levels and needs.

Sally gets immense satisfaction from helping people feel better, both physically and mentally.