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Preethi Sutton

Mind-Body Wellbeing Therapist


Many clients go to Preethi having been down the route of allopathic medicine without any resolution, whether this is for their mental health challenges or for physical ailments. Preethi believes the mind and body are connected and so her techniques take into account the whole person. Preethi's priority is to establish a good relationship with you so that you can trust her to help you.

Preethi has spent time training with several world-renowned teachers in the field of Chinese medicine and Buddhist meditation practices. The workshops and courses she attended gave her the opportunity to travel the world and meet wise teachers and experience profound transformations. Preethi integrates all of these enriching experiences into the way she practises her healing work. 

Preethi is a qualified and experienced 

  • Mental health counsellor

  • Wellness coach specialising in weight loss

  • Acupuncturist 

  • Somatic (body-based) therapist

Preethi can combine therapies such as acupuncture, cupping, mindfulness, counselling and coaching, depending on your needs. Using these powerful methods, she endeavours to integrate mind and body to find a holistic solution for you. And in return, Preethi asks for commitment from you to give your body a chance to heal by way of following recommendations that she may make, which will be tailored specifically to you.

Preethi Sutton BSc (Hons) Acupuncture; Dip in Integrative Counselling; Dip in Wellness Coaching, Member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC); Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP);

Member of the Association for Coaching (AC).

I started seeing Preethi after coming back from my holidays when I felt depressed and couldn't see the point of my life. I was constantly feeling down and couldn't pick myself up. Anxiety was another issue. My parents were having acupuncture treatments with Preethi, so they recommended I see her. Although I was reluctant at first, I decided to give it a go and I'm glad I did. We worked through ways of managing my anxiety and building positivity into my life. It has taken a while as I have been feeling like this for a long time but I can definitely say that I am feeling a more positive version of myself. Although I still have mild anxiety occasionally, my life is more enjoyable. I laugh more and am making connections with my friends. I have benefited hugely from working with Preethi. - HP (20) (Coaching/Counselling)