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Mills Gray

Leadership & Lifestyle Coach


Mills loves to breathe belief into all of her clients. She is a big believer in energy and flow and help people to connect on a deeper level. The thing that holds most people back is the belief in themselves. Mills help them to show up, with a no BS approach and to be their most lit up selves.

Wouldn't it be amazing if from an early age we were taught that you can be or do anything you put your mind to, that you can be a round peg in a square hole, Mills would love to see a global shift in wellness, mindset and make a change. If she can help someone to change then then that starts a movement.

I really cannot recommend Mills enough, before working with her I had spent years binge eating without getting to the crux of the problem. My energy was really low, I was feeling lethargic, exhausted and burnout. Physically my eczema had flared up and was the worst it had been for years.The one on one support and detail Mills went into really helped identify key areas in both my diet and well-being that we worked on, creating a plan that was tailored to my specific health, well being and happiness needs.Through this process I joined the 30 days to healthy living program that supported these goals and helped me identity the food groups that were linked to my binge eating and eczema. I also lost 6kg and inches from my body, which was an added bonus.
I now have more energy, I have stopped binge eating, have no cravings for sugar or processed food, I am more optimistic, positive, my eczema has cleared up and I have had lots of comments about how well I am looking. I will be continuing to put into practice all Mills has taught me, making this a lifestyle choice with balance. Thank you Mills!