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Mickey Monroe

Yoga Teacher


Mickey fuses yoga, energy healing and macrobiotics, in a complete practice of Self Mastery, the yogic way.  

Mickey has been practising yoga and the inner arts for 25 plus years.  As a mother of three boys, now raised to men, Mickey is a mulftfacitated force of nature.  Mickey lives the life she teaches.  Without mastery within the true Self, Mickey believes our happiness is directly affected by what is happening around us.  Good days, bad days, a cycle of boom and bust, up and down.  The outside situation influences our thoughts, emotions and actions, all potentially contributing to anxiety, stress, and in some cases resulting in illness.

In Mickey's sessions you find the pause in between thoughts,  leading to a quieter mind, and the understanding of the union between the physical practice of yoga and overall health and wellbeing in your mind and body.   Ultimately to be the master of our own universes.

"First session with Mickey today. Really impressed with the level of care and thought that Mickey put into the session beforehand. She’d listened to what I’d said were my problem areas and delivered a personalised session that really addressed that. I liked that she’d also taken into account my current wfh lifestyle. The care she took to make sure I got each posture right was great and corrected a lot of bad habits. I feel great and really looking forward to my next session."

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