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Lisa Nugent

Empowerment Coach

Haslemere, Surrey

Lisa is passionate about helping young people discover their core beliefs, allowing them to feel empowered and confident. 

The sessions are full of creativity, providing both children and teens with a toolbox that they can keep coming back too. For Mums, Lisa's focus is to encourage & guide them to put their own oxygen mask first. Working with Mums is another passion as Lisa witnesses how many of them lose their own identity and feel undervalued which can lead to frustration and stress in the family home.

Young people should be thriving in life, feel the excitement and be happy and proud to be themselves. We spend so much time focusing on their academic success, but life skills, such as understanding their own core beliefs, resilience and confidence are forgotten. Lisa's mission is to get this message out to as many people as she can. 

Confidence and empowerment allow Lisa's clients to thrive, develop strategies and tools that help them to manage the ups and downs in life to be confident in knowing that they can be happy and joyful.

Lisa has additional qualifications in both Mindfulness and Journaling which helps to give further depth to her 1:2:1 work. She also loves working with schools and youth groups sessions include - Friendship, Vision boards, mindset to name a few.

As a family we would thoroughly recommend Lisa. We first saw her last Summer when our family life had become constant daily battles with our 14 year old Son where absolutely everything had become a battle. This had been going on for many years and we had tried everything we could think of but had reached a stage where we didn't know which way to turn and our family was struggling. My Sister saw an advert for Lisa, we had never seen a Life Coach before but decided to try. I am so glad we did as Lisa is very easy to talk to and is very knowledgeable and she made great suggestions that we then discussed with our Son at each session and made a plan together on how best to tackle some of the issues we were facing. Lisa also gave our Son strategies to help him with any anxieties such as not sleeping well to helping him cope at school when he feels restless and finds it hard to concentrate. The night light and calming jar he made helped him alot and we all learned coping strategies which we still use now when needed. Lisa is a very warm, knowledgeable and lovely lady who is very easy to talk to and she really listens to us as parents and the young person's views and gives them a voice. I am sure we see Lisa again once our Son is in Year 11 as I can see she does great work helping exam stress, anxiety and management too.
Thank you Lisa.