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Lindsay Gilbey

Virtual Assistant


Lindsay loves being challenged, learning new things and always developing her skill-sets and knowledge.  It gives Lindsay great personal joy to see companies going from strength to strength because they have enlisted her services.  

There are so many business owners and managing directors out there who are strapped for time and are taken away from their own passion or goals due to admin work.  Lindsay thrives on giving back time and headspace to these entrepeneurs so they can really concentrate on doing what they love!  

No two days are the same in Lindsay's line of work and as a typical Gemini she thrives on this.  

Lindsay and her team are fantastic. They help me leverage my time better and have become an integral part of my business. The great thing with Lindsay is that I don’t need to micromanage her and any problems that come up if she can deal with them she does unless it is clear that it needs to be escalated to me. Having worked with a lot of VA’s before that alone puts her in front of the rest. The other great thing about Lindsay is that if I give her a problem she will get it solved even if it isn’t currently in her list of skills, she will either learn what needs to be learned or research who best can help solve my problem. She is a solutions creator and has helped me push my business forward quicker and easier than trying to do everything myself.