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Laura Coleman

Founder of Be.Modern Meditation


Laura delivers meditation and mindfulness workshops in corporate settings – for everyone from management consultants to marketing executives – this is in addition to one–to–one private coaching. People who thought they’d never master meditation in their lifetime are blown away!

Laura’s ‘Be.More’ transformation programme supports people to use meditation to experience life with more clarity and purpose.

Laura has worked with a diverse range of clients such as Ernst and Young (London), Construction (London and Farnham), Architects (Winchester) , PA Collective and also with charities.

“I was pretty sure meditation was not for me. I am very practical and down to earth and have little patience for self- help therapies. I am also a Christian, which might seem a conflict of interest. In reality, the study of how the human brain can be 'reprogrammed' to entirely change the way you feel about your life is a pretty powerful thing. I can't think of a single person I know who wouldn't benefit from this course” Jo, 50