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Lara Doherty



Lara has been running regular Vision Board Workshops since February 2018. Lara also helps individuals with goal setting/planning, support and encouragement to achieve goals that they never thought possible to achieve.

She wants to show people what is possible - you don't need to settle for a mediocre life, life is all about being fulfilled, happy and living with purpose..

Lara's clients came along to her workshops feeling stuck, unconfident, feeling like they are wading through treacle, usually unhappy with their job/career, the way their life currently looks, overwhelmed, stressed etc and after 5 hours, they have started smiling, they are excited, hopeful, inspired, uplifted, energised, have purpose.  

The Vision Board Workshop was a fantastic experience and came at just the right time for me - I was feeling stressed, disillusioned and stuck in a rut - I needed focus, inspiration and purpose. Lara's positive encouragement has drawn out my creativity and given me the confidence and motivation to make important changes in my life. I would thoroughly recommend the Workshop to anyone who has lost direction and is procrastinating about their future.

Lara is a very intuitive, inspiring and focused motivator.... the vision board workshop was an amazing 5 hour journey, initially one of emotional chaos (my own) and concluding with excitement, optimism and clarity about ways to shape the year ahead... haven’t really stopped smiling, thinking, doing since... Thank you Lara

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