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Kim Huggins



Kim works with businesses of all sizes across a range of different industries.  Building strong and lasting partnerships with her clients and their respective teams is at the heart of how she delivers her service.

Kim’s areas of expertise include providing strategic solutions to help clients protect, exploit and scale the innovation and intellectual property (IP) assets driving their business (such as brand name; materials and products); drafting and negotiating contracts with your clients and suppliers; and helping clients ensure that their advertising stays on the right side of the line.  Kim can also help her clients avoid the likelihood of running into potentially costly disputes for using the same/similar brand name; using the IP of someone else without approval; negotiate contractual terms that are clear and fair and ensure certainty around payment and deliverables; protect their business assets from being used by others without permission and develop processes to ensure protection and compliance in preparation for growth.

Kim’s approach is anchored in providing proactive, practical advice that you can apply to your unique needs, without the legalese.

"Kim has been an invaluable source of knowledge and expertise throughout the start up process, and beyond. Her broad skill-base in supplier contracts, claims, packaging and advertising has resulted in smooth and efficient development of many areas of the company. Kim’s general business knowledge and enthusiasm has prompted rigour and problem-solving beyond the legal requirements of launching a new organisation. I would highly recommend Kim to any business – large or small." Kate Bache Co-Founder and Marketing Director at Health & Her