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Kat Vitou

Health, Life and Wellpreneur Coach


Kat is passionate about coaching in all areas across health, life and start-up business coaching.  Kat particularly enjoys helping wellness professionals get their business off the ground.   Kat knows how lonely being a solo operater can be so she strives to give her clients an experienced sounding board and cheerleads them all the way.  

Kat is also passionate about health and life coaching - seeing the results that clients can get with a small step approach to habit changing.   Kat loves to cook and regularly runs cooking workshops.

Because of Kat's love of meditation she is also now training to be a meditation teacher.   

"Kat helped me through Strictly Come Dancing when I was training for eight hours a day, and needed to eat wholesome and healthy food and look after myself.

She made a tailored menu of delicious seasonal food, and that meant I would get the full amount of nutrients
I needed to stay well throughout the competition.

I would recommend Kat to anyone; she knows how to coach, listen and keep you feeling balanced.

Her food and knowledge of health is amazing!" Louise Rednapp