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Julie Grint

Empowerment Coach, Mentor & Therapist


Julie works with women who want to get in tune with their body and feminine power so they can confidently trust themselves and be the best role model for future generations.  Julie helps women to shift their perspective in life so they can create more choice and freedom, and equip them with the tools, to not only care for themselves, but to teach others how to love and care for themselves too. Using coaching and mentoring Julie leads and guides women into a place of emotional empowerment, where they learn to utilise their body, using facial reflexology, emotional release, health and lifestyle changes and intuitive guidance.  Ultimately, so they can fully embody self-love and sovereignty.

Through her own experience of trauma, abuse from self and others, Julie came to realise that she, herself, was powerfully contributing to her own stress and pain, and so she decided to use her power to free herself from this unnecessary stress. When Julie did this for herself she became passionate about changing career in order to help others do the same. 

Julie's empowering coaching enbables women to learn to take ownership of themselves, their bodies, minds, health, and life and it's this empowerment and deep self-love which is going to create the change in the world that so many women want. It teaches women how to actually give and receive support by giving that to themselves first so they feel more in control of their lives and they have the confidence to ask for what they want and receive it with love. It's also putting their healing potential back in their hands. Julie helps her clients by giving them back access to their own power. They are able to utilise their emotional intelligence instead of fearing it and this gives them so much freedom that ripples into all areas of their lives. They achieve freedom from anxiety, self-care becomes key and their relationships vastly improve because they learn to love themselves.

"I met Julie over a year ago through our Coaching program. I was immediately drawn to her calm, confident style. As Julie developed her coaching programs I became intrigued by her work around Self Love. As I talked with her, saw her posts on Facebook and watched her videos, I recognised it was something I wanted to work on for myself. Julie’s approach to Self-Love is special and unique. She met me exactly where I was and gently guided me through sessions to allow me to open up my thoughts, feelings, words and actions. This openness has allowed me to be more comfortable with loving myself and be more confident in my relationships. Our work together has strengthened my overall confidence and resilience. After 10 years of marriage I am communicating with my husband in a much different way and he appreciates the changes I am making. As a mom, I am using what Julie taught me, about self-love and appreciation of myself, in my relationships with my daughter and step-daughter, so they have a better chance at not going through what I did. Finally, as a female entrepreneur, she has helped me unlock a sense of power within me that has been fueling my energy for my business" Rachel Kolstad