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Georgia Cadoret

Writer, Food Journalist & Reiki Healer


Georgia writes pieces about food, cooking and restaurants in a more journalistic style, including wellness and food pieces for the Well Life Tribe blog! Writing is her life-long love affair, and wellness really feeds into all of Georgia's passions because it's about looking after ourselves.

Georgia writes so that she can share knowledge and views on things, as well as being a self-confessed literature nerd and lover of the English language. 

She says that making people feel happier and healthier in themselves is the most gratifying part of practising Reiki. Georgia is a ritualistic person, it makes her feel calm and grounded, and she imparts this onto her clients for their wellbeing too. 

Her writing helps Georgia to express herself and if she can connect with readers and clients along the way it makes her writing purposeful. She ia a creative and so it comes naturally to Georgia to never go a day without writing! 

Georgia writes copy for her clients to set the tone of their websites, helping them to attract their own clientele with accessible, eye-catching copy. With her Reiki it's simple; it helps people to feel more aligned and at ease with themselves.

Helping people to succeed both their health and in their business is what makes Georgia's work so gratifying. If her writing can speak to people and make them feel understood, informed or even entertained, then she has achieved what writing is all about.