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Frances Trussell

Mindfulness Coach, Therapist, Author & Speaker


Frances is passionate about human thriving. Mindfulness transformed her experience of life and so she has devoted the last decade to making it accessible to all. Frances has taught mindfulness meditation to thousands of people in most settings imaginable. Frances is an expert in helping people swiftly overcome anxiety and depression. Her focus in recent years has been working with individuals to elevate levels of happiness and maximise potential. Frances regularly contributes commentary and advice on mental health throughout the media. 

To Frances it is vitally important that we 'show up' to life and embrace it fully, mindfulness makes that possible. There is nothing that makes her happier than to witness this transformation in others too, she feels truly grateful to have worked with, and seen this transformation in, so many people.

Frances is a Zen Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, trained to the highest level, a clinical hypnotherapist, a Rapid Transfomational Therapist (RTT), a pioneer of Mindfulness Based Transformational Coaching (Coaching+) and member of the National Council of Psychotherapy. Frances is a Mum of two and a lifelong learner. She is committed to 'walking-the-talk' and attends retreats and undertakes CPD training so that she continues to bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and practice to her clients and to her own life.   You Are Not Your Thoughts: The Secret Magic of Mindfulness, her first book, was published in 2018 and subsequently went on to be a bestseller.

Frances appeared on ITV1's Sugar Free Farm as Mindfulness Coach and is a regular speaker at events, you may have seen her recently on the Main Stages of the 'Mindful Living Show' or 'Wellbeing on The Lakes'.  Frances loves to help people and has been fortunate to work with a diverse client base, from high profile stars, Olympic athletes and CEOs to the homeless, school children, retirees in their 90's and everything in-between. Frances truly believes that whatever stage we are in life we all face the same human challenges and can all have a richer experience through mindfulness. 

"Wonderful. It is exactly what I needed and has made me aware of quite how much I needed the mindfulness tools!

They are changing my life every day. I loved it and looked forward to coming every week, I will miss it! Thank you Frances." Eva

"Brilliant. Life Changing. It helped me find calm at a very challenging time in my life.
Do it before you need it for more 'big stuff'! Rather than ask 'why now' ask 'why not'?" Ed

"Thank you so much for an amazing course.
Meeting you has transformed my life and for that I’m truly grateful.
I can see that meditation and mindfulness are making a difference in my outlook and mood and I feel the training has given me some incredibly useful tools to stay positive and live my life to the full. It was exactly what I needed." Iain