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Frances Barrett

Social Media Manager


Frances is a Social Media Extraordinare and owner of The Social Brain; her super power is making businesses unaviodable on social media.  Frances has over 11 years of experience in social media and is passionate about helping her clients become more successful because of their social media presence.   Frances is particularly passoinate about helping small business owners and sole traders fulfill their passions, using social media to help.   Frances knows that small business owners and sole traders need more support during the pandemic - they have to work harder to get clients so using social media to gain trust and likeability is very powerful.

 Frances can talk about social media algorithms for hours!

Have to say a massive thank you to Frances. I recently took one of her social media training courses and it's been fantastic. My social media skills were rusty and out of date (everything changes so fast!). I've put in to practice and it's actually paying off. I didn't expect to be getting new clients already but I am 🙂 I am DELIGHTED! I feel really confident with my strategy now and it's totally working. Just the focus I needed!