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Emma Eaton

Acupuncturist and Herbalist


After many years of seeing first hand the enormous difference Emma could make to women’s lives by working with them to balance their hormones, Emma became passionate about hormone health for women, using both clinical acupuncture and herbal remedies to support them.

After learning from some of the world leaders in hormone support, both in the Western and Chinese Medicine world, Emma believes in delving into the detail with patients to present a truly personalised plan of support.   This can be delivered in various ways from clinic acupuncture sessions, herbal prescriptions, specific lifestyle advice, to even what tests to request from a GP.   Emma provides an experienced and expert ear to what patients are feeling and experiencing, always ensuring the focus is getting her clients to feeling better and live their fullest life.

“I had a wonderful consultation with Emma, mainly Menopause related, and loved her knowledge and expertise. Extremely thorough with a full explanation and treatment plan. Can’t wait to follow all the recommendations through and benefit from improved health. Very reassuring experience.“