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Dr Nina Fuller-Shavel

Award-winning Oxbridge-trained medical doctor, scientist and educator.


An award-winning Oxbridge-trained medical doctor, scientist and educator, Dr Fuller-Shavel has over a decade of experience in integrative health and in-depth additional training in nutrition, functional and integrative medicine, herbal medicine, yoga, mindfulness and other therapeutic approaches.

Dr Fuller-Shavel is the founder and Director of Synthesis Clinic, an innovative multidisciplinary practice in Hampshire, specialising in women’s health and integrative cancer care.  

Dr Nina Fuller-Shavel has recently won a prestigious Innovation Leader of the Year award at UKBIA 2022 for her inspirational vision for healthcare, excellence in clinical work and leadership of the Synthesis Clinic team.  Alongside her work at the clinic, Dr Fuller-Shavel delivers educational programmes for medical and nutrition professionals, including the Hormone GATeway training in women’s health and the Systems Approach to Cancer training in integrative cancer care.  Dr Nina also participates in research in integrative medicine and precision health and regularly contributes to editorial boards and guideline development panels nationally and internationally.

Dr Nina has just celebrated three years of opening the doors of Synthesis Clinic, as well as becoming a Fellow of BANT (British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine) and continuing in her role as the Co-Chair of BSIO (British Society for Integrative Oncology).

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"I cannot recommend Synthesis Clinic highly enough. Dr Nina and her team have been absolutely incredible
in helping me get to the root cause of my problems which have plagued me for several years. I know that
no stone has been left unturned, and I am already feeling so much better even after only 6 weeks of treatment. The whole team have been so supportive, open and welcoming, and I would not put my trust in anyone else."