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Dr Ferhat Uddin

GP and Menopause Expert


Ferhat loves being a GP and sees it as a privilege to have people share their lives with her and allow her to help. Ferhat fell into menopause care, as a GP educator she found this was a big area that doctors lacked education in. Time and again Ferhat saw women who were struggling through menopause but doctors had failed to spot the signs or denied them treatment. Thus began her mission. She embarked on further training with the Certificate in Menopause care and set up Liberty Health Clinics.

In her role as a menopause specialist Ferhat ensures women are given accurate and up to date information to make informed health choices. With needs and preferences being different for every woman - some will be looking for a prescription or information on HRT, others will prefer non hormonal support through their menopause. Being able to also offer nutritional and psychological treatment avenues has made a big difference, as no one size fits all.

Ferhat finds it incredibly rewarding to help women close to despair who are struggling in many aspects of life.  She is also passionate about re-educating GPs and continues to do this in order to reach more women with the help they need. Having set up a private clinic through Liberty Health, eventually she also wants to work within the NHS and set up an NHS menopause service in Surrey, for GPs to refer into, which currently does not exist in this area.

Ferhat also knows there is a huge amount more to be done in the workplace - helping employers in supporting women in the workplace during menopause and raising awareness in management.

"Dr Uddin took time to explain my symptoms and the risks and benefits of treatment options. She is knowledgeable in her field and I would recommend to any woman going through the change!"

"I met with Dr Uddin at a very low point during my menopause. She actively listened as I explained my on going symptoms and despair. The most important thing she did was to validate my symptoms and thoughts. She explained that I had options and ensured that I was aware of the pros and cons before allowing me to consider my next steps and reach a mutual decision."