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Donna Marie

Personal Branding and Manifesting Mentor


Donna is a Personal Branding and Manifesting Mentor for holistic, wellbeing and spiritual experts.  Donna teaches these experts how to charge their true value without fear, show up with embodied confidence and triple their income with ease through mentorship, branding photography and social media design strategy.  This process helps clients release hidden money blocks and aligns with the abundance and wealth they deserve to receive in their business.  Ultimately her clients work smarter and deliver more.

Donna also teaches her clients how to evolve the way they work by shifting their mindset, energy and identity at all levels so they magnetize clients that convert.  on the social medai side Donna helps her clients present online in a way that inspires, empowers, educates and spotlights their expertise in a credible and authentic way.  

"WOW. The manifestation workshop was just incredible.

It allowed me to let myself go and embrace who I am.It gave me permission to step up into the shoes I've always worn but not always worn with style.

I felt like the fog cleared and through effervescent light my purpose became clearer than ever before.
I saw myself in a different light. I feel emotional, at peace and so excited.

Words cannot express my gratitude.
Thank you x"