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Deena Dawes

QEC Practitioner


Deena is a Quantum Energy Coach (QEC) Practitioner focusing on exploring and redressing people's negative and self-limiting beliefs and behaviours. Deena loves working with clients to explore issues which are of upmost importance to them.  

QEC is a form of coaching harnessing both Gestalt style talk therapy alongside methods designed to tap into the subconscious level of our thinking to help reset those long held beliefs which no longer serve us.

"QEC sessions with Deena have been enjoyable, interesting and very helpful. The verbal affirmations together with physical breathing and posture exercises is a powerful combination to release long standing emotional triggers, and create a new, positive subconscious conversation. After each QEC session with Deena I have not only felt emotionally lighter and happier, but physically better too. Tension headaches and other ailments I am prone to after an emotional upset have stopped. QEC is unlike any other therapy I have experienced, and I am so glad to have tried it. Thank you Deena."