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Courtney Baxter

TRE® Provider

Zoom or Esher, Surrey, UK

Courtney is a certified TRE® Provider working with individuals and small groups.


TRE® is movement tool for life and once you learn the technique you can do it by yourself. Courtney has facilitated sessions with children, the young and the old, those who have sports injuries, back injuries or even just general wear and tear on the body.


Meeting Courtney was my first experience of TRE. I had tried years of different types of therapy to help with ongoing back pain. I didn't know what to expect and was grateful for Courtney’s gentle and reassuring approach. I found the treatment to be very effective. After only a few sessions my back pain lessened considerably and with the help and support of Courtney I started to introduce home independent sessions, which I used as a top-up in between guided sessions. Whenever I am feeling a little out of sorts, a home session or, even better, an appointment with Courtney really helps me to feel balanced, refreshed, relaxed and lessens any pain symptoms. I am so glad I found TRE and am especially happy to have found such a supportive teacher. I am really looking forward to the new weekly group sessions as this will encourage a good regular TRE habit but with the added incentive of a brilliant guide in Courtney.
Racheal Hill, Yoga teacher, Surrey, UK

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