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Claire and James Davis

Midlife Mentors


Claire and James are the Midlife Mentors.  Claire and James offer a complete science based transformation programme to improve the mid life body, mind and quality of life, without giving everything you enjoy up.  It is a science backed approach to staying young.   

Together they help midlifers lose the belly fat, feel good naked and regain control of their lives – without making huge sacrifices.

Originally launched in Ibiza in 2012, 38oN now host events

in London, Marbella and other locations, specialising in fitness, yoga, coaching, nutrition, and more.  They regularly contribute their expertise across a wide range of media.

"I did the programme between Jun-Aug last year. One of the best things I've ever done. I feel so much stronger, healthier and fitter now. I lost a stone in 8 weeks and another 4 lbs since. My metabolic age is 41 (I am 58) and it's down to Claire and James' programme. I'm maintaining the weight loss and fitness and love the structure is gives me."